Friday, April 6, 2007

K.P.Poornachandra Tejaswi, Kannada novelist and writer, Orionthologist and Nature photographer,had died leaving a void in a style of narration which is in between fiction and non-fiction. Though the son of poet lauret K.V.Puttappa popularly called KUVEMPU Tejaswi had taken care to see that his fathers image had not overshadowed his creativity. Like any young carefree youth he used to frequent fishing in Tanks sorrounding Mysore. Several time I have seen him fishing in Kukkarahallikere with fishing hook. My friend use to tell me that, Tejaswi and his group of friends will toss any catch into fire they make and eat then and there only. I had not seen him eating though. Tejaswi had a special anger towards Police(which of course he had narrated in one of the stories as they would wait in the dusk in the Road corners and catch people on filthy reasons like bicycle license or headlight. These comments though bring humour.almost all of us have faced the police extraction in one way or the other(situations have not changed thus making Tejaswis remarks universal truths).Tejaswi, perhaps was attaracted by JP and Lohia philosophy., when truth prevailed upon him that movements like this are taking them towards no where, he slowly moved to Moodigere, in Shimoga District and continued his writings from there only. Recently I saw his Photo exhimition at Rangaayana. Tejaswi, had died. As a naturalist peace should prevail and let him be one with nature.

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